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Jim Loftus: MP3 Samples

Heaven In Your Heart

(Jim Loftus)
September 21, 2000
Sometimes I am asked what inspires each song that I is interesting how the original catalyst for a song can be distilled into an altogether varied subject matter...In my grieving process after the death of my father in 1997, I recall "feeling him with me, around me, inside me"...I took those emotions of this angelic spirit and transformed that sensation into a love song where the man is asking the woman to take him to that Heaven in her heart--he feels her around him all through the day and wants that same feeling reciprocated from her...this has been one of the favorite tracks on the CD.

I feel you, you’re with me
Around me, inside me, yet still I can’t see you
I feel your touch(right through to the soul of me)
Want you so much(it’s burning a hole in me)
So find me, and take me
Remold me, remake me….

Take me with you to your heaven
Let me feel the love you’re savin’
Let me love you how I adore you
Won’t you open the gates before you
Let me into the Heaven in Your Heart

Sweet angel, you’re with me
You hover inside me, around me, behind me
I sense you here(I feel you inside of me)
It’s very clear(I know you reside in me)
So fill me so tender with all of your splendor

Let me love you, with all of the love I have
Let me hold you, like only my two arms can
Lovely angel, open your wings
Lovely angel, show me the things
Oh that only—a beautiful angel brings…