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Jim Loftus: MP3 Samples

Should Anything Ever Happen

(Jim Loftus)
September 21, 2000
This song fits snugly after listening to "Heaven In Your Heart" on the CD--both songs sound like they could be released by any of the several "boy bands" that dominated the air waves in the late '90's and early part of the millennium...this is one of my Mom's favorite

Should anything ever happen to you
I don’t know what I’d do
Might as well have the night take the place of the day
Or just wish all the stars away
Oh the light would be darkness
Should anything happen to you

You breathe life into me
You sustain me so effortlessly
Every beat of my heart tells me so, that if you should let go
I would lose the life support you provide
Girl with you by my side,
All the world is a stage open wide
Where we play all the parts that we’ve felt
Play the cards we’ve been dealt
And still end up holding aces and twos

I’ve been roaming this earth
Like a prodigal son since my birth
Never knowing which way I should turn
But the lessons I’ve learned
Tell me all the roads converge into you
I’ve been searching for truth
Using clues like an amateur sleuth
Every lead that I followed would be like a dead end for me
‘Til I found them in your sweet eyes of blue
(key change/REPEAT CHORUS)