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Jim Loftus: MP3 Samples

Where Do You Go?

(Jim Loftus)
Jim Loftus

Pete Davis, engineer and owner of Signal Sound Studios in Quakertown PA remarked to me while producing this song that "just the music all by itself would fit really well in a film "..The words in this final tune of "THE FAME GAME" speak of a woman who feels trapped in a loveless marriage but keeps up pretenses to keep the family together and her "country club" friends and lifestyle. The melody had been written years before but it was waiting for words that finally came while doing my first CD. I feel the words are important and am happy that over the years women have remarked how they could so relate to this song. This was encouraging to me as a writer...and so here it is.... 



She was alone in a marriage she had finally outgrown

In a family much to rich to disown

In a neighborhood of country club clones

Where the thing to do is make sure your front lawn

Is trimmed and your garden is heavenly

Keep the sidewalk nice and clean

Make sure your home was adorned with the priceless expensive things

That credit spending brings...


She longed for love from a husband who had grown tired of

The romantic role of lover and friend

Just another marriage destined to end

So you have to wonder:

Where do you go when the vows of love are through?
There are times when you can't go back home

There are times when your heart needs to roam

Yes sometimes you just can't go back home anymore


Where do you go when the evening shadows follow you home

And remain with you 'til morning time comes

When the fog rolls in and blocks out the sun

And by afternoon you find yourself lost in a jumble of cloudy emotions

No one's there to pull you through

And so you go through a period of misguided notions

No magic potions (Repeat pre-chorus and CHORUS)

 Where do you go?....

 c2000 Loftusongs