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Jim Loftus: Journal

Jim's brief appearance in Will Smith's "HITCH"! - February 28, 2005

AS A SAG actor every once in awhile I'll enjoy doing some "background" work on TV or film--and last year I did a few scenes on the recently released Will Smith hit "HITCH" filmed in NYC. No--not a cameo--no lines--just an "extra" on the set. TO VIEW THE SCENE I AM IN RIGHT NOW GO TO and click onto Clip #4 called "PERSEVERANCE"--here is a description of the scene: actress Eva Mendes is delivered a garishly yellow walkie talkie in a gift bag--Will is speaking to her on it from a Greenwich Village street. As the conversation builds and comes to it's end--she agrees to go to breakfast with him and says as she winces--"I guess I could do Sunday"--they cut back to his line "you forgot to say over--over."--Will is walking straight at the camera head-on towards the viewer--on this line from Will I pass his right shoulder (my back to camera--left side of the screen of the viewer) in a light olive-green suit speaking with another fellow business man(I have glasses on in the scene)... you can still see me maybe 30 feet behind Will walking down the street behind him after the line--too funny. GREAT date flick--check it out!

Jim meets the Eagles Jon Ritchie! - February 25, 2005

On this particular Friday evening I was hanging at a great restaurant/nightclub I had heard of for months--the Freight House in Doylestown PA ( Around midnight in the frenzied atmosphere there I spotted Eagle running back Jon Ritchie seated at a table--I knew he also was a guitarist and had his own band so that is where the conversation began. When he and his manager and lead guitarist who were present learned I was a keyboardist, they mentioned that might be a nice addition to their band. We hung out for a few hours discussing the potential of this. Jon was injured mid-season in 2004 and did not return to the Eagles lineup. More on the progress with Jon's band in future journal entries at my site--learn more about Jon's band at

A Groundhog Day in NYC on the Great White Way - February 3, 2005

A few weeks ago I saw a review of two new shows in NYC that suggested that "shows about street people and the homeless seem to be a popular theme in the current Broadway fare"...this statement immediately caught my attention. You see, I was already in the planning stages of bringing back a musical that I had on the shelf for 10 years that dealt with the homeless problem--"Ghosts On Broadway." It had received a showcase back in May 1995 at the John Houseman Theatre in NYC--and since I could never finish the script or "book" of the show--and was unsure of what direction I should take the plot--it lay dormant. But recent research and articles I read suggested that the homeless problem is FAR WORSE than it has ever been--so rather than straying far from my original premise--I decided to bring it back pretty much as it is and add more length and plot to the show. And so to help me get an idea of what these two shows were about, Wednesday Feb.2nd I decided to see BOTH OF THEM. I caught a matinee of Kathie Lee Gifford's "UNDER THE BRIDGE" at the Zipper Theatre on W.37th St.(featuring my old NYC buddy Dan Cooney)and "BROOKLYN:the musical" at the Plymouth Theatre on W.45th. "Bridge" is a delightful show based on a children's novel--Gifford wrote lyrics & the book; it tells the story of a stubborn hobo in 1953 Paris who is content to stay 'under the bridge' and reluctantly shares it with a homeless mother and her 3 kids. It only plays until Feb.20th in a limited engagement; but in a Q & A after the performance she let the audience who stayed to see her that there is a future for the show beyond the Zipper Theatre. I got to meet and privately chat with Kathie Lee which was a real treat--I opened for her former co-host Regis Philbin back in 1992 at Easton's State Theatre. I shared with her how I was bringing my show back and the similarities between both of our shows(and that I opened for 'Reege') find out more about her show go to ...a few weeks before seeing "Brooklyn: the musical" I had been introduced to it's director Jeff Calhoun at Sam's Restaurant in NYC. At the time I was unaware of how similar my "Ghosts" and his show were--what a dynamic, soulful rocker this thing is--only 5 stage performers(all "street performers") with a heart-wrenching story of a girl singer extraordinare named "Brooklyn" and her journey to find her father that brings her back to NYC and a vocal showdown with the reigning diva in a contest not unlike "American Idol"...I chatted with the "Brooklyn" actress Eden Espinosa after the show--she worked with Walter ONeil--my friend who directed "Ghosts"--in the musical "Wicked"(Walter is still in the show). Go to to order tix or check out the show...after seeing both shows I was filled with great ideas and inspiration on what to do with "Ghosts"--TO OBTAIN A DVD COPY OF "GHOSTS ON BROADWAY" go to my "Original CDs" link here at my website for ordering info..more on all of this later!

Jim attends great concert of "THE FAB FAUX" - January 31, 2005

Saw a great Beatle tribute band at the State Theatre in Easton Sunday nite, Jan.30th; here's what I posted at their website
As a performer and musician/composer myself, (and note-for-note perfectionist), I salute the Fab Faux for their mastery and diligent effort in delivering the Beatles work with such fine-tuned fidelity. Every nuance of guitar sounds, drum rolls, bass lines, vocal arrangements, strings/horns and keyboard sounds have been studied and rendered as flawlessly as is possible in a live situation. After the litany of Beatle-lookalike bands that inevitably suffer from not being as musically gifted(and so the visual spectacle numbs the audience from examining the musical prowess)--The Fab Faux is an energizing breath of fresh air! Saw the "Abbey Road" show at the State Theatre--wow--what deft precision and energy!...I invite the band and all of you to check out a '60's music tribute song I recorded a few years ago called "A Little '60's Tune" that has several Beatle references--very fun song--it's at --thank you Fab Faux on behalf of the State Theatre and ourselves and know that you passed the audition!

Jim plays the Yale Club in NYC - January 17, 2005

Thanks to a booking through, Bob Hill of Trautman Wasserman & Co.( found me. The occasion was a poignant and memorable memorial for his mother Marcia Hill who had passed last month. The venue was the prestigious Yale Club of NYC at 50 Vanderbilt Ave.( on Sun.,Jan.16th at 4PM. The 4th floor library was tastefully used for the gathering where over one hundred family and friends paid heartfelt tribute in words and lovely powerpoint presentations that illuminated this great woman married for 44 years to Bob Hill Sr.(a gregarious, full-of-life man who was a former Shakespearian actor). "Thank Heaven for Little Girls" from Gigi--the song that played while the couple met over 4 decades ago--played in the background over a presentation of 'all her girls' on the screen. "Try to Remember" and the Carpenters version of "I Just Fall In Love Again" tugged at us over another collection of family photos. Interspersed in the hour and 15 minute program, I played a Steinway upright and sang 3 songs--one I chose--"To Where You Are" from Josh Groban, and two John Denver songs selected by the Hill family(and the first artist MY parents introduced me to as a child)--"Annie's Song" and the tearjerker "For You"--which has become one of my new favorites. In a trip to the Yale Club the previous Thursday, I met Bob Hill there to see the venue and then we retired around the corner to an Irish bar and became fast friends. This made me feel right at home at the tribute for his mother, as I subsequently met many of his family and friends after the memorial at the 2nd floor bar at the Yale Club. Many were touched by my music--and I by their moving tribute to Marcia Hill. As the crowd dispersed by 8:30PM, I was gratified to know that it is singular events such as these that define what I do as a performer and make what I do so valuable. It is just not 'punching the clock' and getting to the next gig, but personal relationships where the music is a healing and celebratory force. I'm happy to be able to share this all with you.

Jim sits in with "3Somethin" - January 2, 2005

Was a blast starting the New year off sitting in with one of my favorite new bands "3 Somethin"...{ } The venue was the intimate caberet-style room at Stooges in Allentown { } Billy is an old buddy on guitar, Melissa is one of the best and sassiest lead singers I've seen in awhile, Jake and Steve a tight rhythm section. The eclectic music ranges from standard classic rock(Jefferson Airplane, Janis Joplin, Allman Bros., America, the Beatles) to funkier and newer sounds (the Indigo Girls,Sade, Psychedelic Furs, Los Lonely Boys, the Neville Bros.) The style is somewhat unplugged and so there is a great coffehouse funky feel--I added harmonies and keys to their tight renditions and the result was a very cool, full sound that crowd, staff, and band really enjoyed--check my calendar as there will be more future dates with Jim and 3 Somethin'!
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