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Original CDs


Released in September 2000, this is my first official CD of original music and is available at The theme intricately woven through this extremely melodic, thought-provoking CD is the struggle of it's characters to achieve fame and fortune in LA or the Big Apple. The title track, along with "Sweet Little Lady" and "Man Who's Really Been Around the Town" drive that theme home quite well. Other songs that contribute to the tone are "This Cycle", a disparaging lament of a day in the life; the sensual saga of the steamy side is captured in two-back-to-back funk rock numbers "All Inside Of You" and "Burn the Candle At Both Ends". Striking departures welcome the listener with the beautiful ballad writing Jim is capable of. "Midsummer Night's Dream Come True" see its central figure a woman trapped in Shakespeare's era(1592-inspired by the film "Shakespeare In Love"),unable to enact the roles in her time-and so she comes in a dream to play the various great roles of Juliet, Lady Macbeth, etc(and so her struggle for fame and recognition is relegated to someone's dreams-a stroke of genius on this writers part). Following this Beatlesque gem is another dreamscape-"Land of Make Believe"-a lovely samba with a Genesis/Peter Gabriel atmosphere with clever tongue-twisting lyrics. "Mary Kate" is a Boston dreamballad about a pending high-school reunion; "Heaven In Your Heart" and "Should Anything Ever Happen" could be NSync's next two hits-absolutely beautiful modern pop songs with multiple part harmonies; and "Where Do You Go" is a brilliant ballad ala Elton John dealing with a woman trapped in a loveless marriage. The two remaining songs are possibly everyone's favorite songs on the CD and have been featured in the media. "Senorita Tell Me Why" was inspired by viewing a Ricky Martin special, and was written immediately after within one hour! This and many other tunes have received airplay in PA-"Senorita" additionally has been performed with Jim's trio "Three Together" in an opening act performance with Todd Rundgren, and on the Valley Arts TV show hosted by Paul Willistein on RCN Cable CH.4 in the Lehigh Valley. "I'll Sing It'-the most requested and possibly best all-around song on the CD-went as high as #2 on the TOP 100 charts--"HEAVEN IN YOUR HEART" also made those charts going to #8.



  • August 9, 2019
    EMERIL'S FISH HOUSE("Piano Bar With A Twist"), Bethlehem, PA
  • August 10, 2019
    MOHEGAN SUN POCONO "Bean & Vine Cafe and Wine Bar", Wilkes-Barre, PA
  • August 22, 2019
    ARBOR TERRACE WILLISTOWN(private), West Chester, PA
  • August 29, 2019
    TAMAQUA STATION RESTAURANT w/Vinyl Persuasion, Tamaqua, PA
  • August 30, 2019
    Ann's Choice Retirement Community(private), Warminster, PA