Jim attends great concert of "THE FAB FAUX"

Saw a great Beatle tribute band at the State Theatre in Easton Sunday nite, Jan.30th; here's what I posted at their website http://www.thefabfaux.com: As a performer and musician/composer myself, (and note-for-note perfectionist), I salute the Fab Faux for their mastery and diligent effort in delivering the Beatles work with such fine-tuned fidelity. Every nuance of guitar sounds, drum rolls, bass lines, vocal arrangements, strings/horns and keyboard sounds have been studied and rendered as flawlessly as is possible in a live situation. After the litany of Beatle-lookalike bands that inevitably suffer from not being as musically gifted(and so the visual spectacle numbs the audience from examining the musical prowess)--The Fab Faux is an energizing breath of fresh air! Saw the "Abbey Road" show at the State Theatre--wow--what deft precision and energy!...I invite the band and all of you to check out a '60's music tribute song I recorded a few years ago called "A Little '60's Tune" that has several Beatle references--very fun song--it's at http://www.cdbaby.com/loftus3 --thank you Fab Faux on behalf of the State Theatre and ourselves and know that you passed the audition!

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