Kee Casting, who cast me back in 1995 to be one of the several news persons on the set of Mary Tyler Moore and Gregory Harrison's ill-fated CBS-TV series "New York News", called to book me for the zany ABC-TV show "Hope & Faith" with Kelly Ripa and Faith Ford for a Thursday, August 4th shoot. I was told it would be a short day--that we'd be taping a wedding scene. Call time was 10:30AM in Long Island City at Silver Cup Studios East, and despite leaving the house at 7:30AM--traffic and a few wrong turns and gridlock approaching Lincoln Tunnel and eventually the Midtown Tunnel made me an HOUR LATE! I was elated to find that upon locating the holding area for the extras--no one had "acted yet" and were still awaiting approval of their clothing by the wardrobe department. When we finally got down to the set at 1:15PM, we went through a few rehearsals with Kelly Ripa--she was playing the bride AND the the bride's "Evil Twin" who disrupts the wedding proceedings by objecting to the union of marriage. Kelly donned a black wig, veil and tight-fitting dress as the evil twin--but was glowing in white as the bride. I was seated behind her as she played the evil twin, and I had to gasp and moan with the rest of the actors at "her disruption" of the wedding--was very cool and hilarious. We were done shooting by 3:45PM, and I was pleased to get to shake Kelly's hand upon completion--I got to tell her that I too had worked with her sidekick Regis Philbin when I opened for him back in 1992 at the State Theatre in Easton...that Kevin Bacon "6 Degrees of Separation" thing has some merit to it... I'll let you all know when the episode will air--for more on "Hope & Faith" go to http://abc.go.com/primetime/hopeandfaith/main.html .