Jim's brief appearance in Will Smith's "HITCH"!

AS A SAG actor every once in awhile I'll enjoy doing some "background" work on TV or film--and last year I did a few scenes on the recently released Will Smith hit "HITCH" filmed in NYC. No--not a cameo--no lines--just an "extra" on the set. TO VIEW THE SCENE I AM IN RIGHT NOW GO TO http://www.sonypictures.com/movies/hitch/clips/ and click onto Clip #4 called "PERSEVERANCE"--here is a description of the scene: actress Eva Mendes is delivered a garishly yellow walkie talkie in a gift bag--Will is speaking to her on it from a Greenwich Village street. As the conversation builds and comes to it's end--she agrees to go to breakfast with him and says as she winces--"I guess I could do Sunday"--they cut back to his line "you forgot to say over--over."--Will is walking straight at the camera head-on towards the viewer--on this line from Will I pass his right shoulder (my back to camera--left side of the screen of the viewer) in a light olive-green suit speaking with another fellow business man(I have glasses on in the scene)... you can still see me maybe 30 feet behind Will walking down the street behind him after the line--too funny. GREAT date flick--check it out!