Well it's been quite awhile since I placed an entry in the journal here--and here's a "blast from the past" entry...In another life(and different century)I was a part-time disc jockey for WZZO(Z-95)FM radio then located in the Westgate Mall in Bethlehem, PA(it has been in Whitehall PA for several years now)...after a stint at WAEB 79 AM in Allentown PA from May to October 1981, I sent a tape to T.D. Kelly at Z-95 with the earnest desire to be a rock and roll DJ--and it worked. At 20 years old(and instead of starting my junior year at Allentown College in the Theatre Department[now DeSales University])--I started doing 7-midnight Saturday nights and the "Sunday Night 6-Pak"(6 albums back-to-back) from Midnite to 5:30AM Monday morning for the biggest rock station in the Allentown/Bethelehem/Easton PA area(and beyond)..I also filled in for every other DJ except the morning show during my tenure at Z-95...our overnite guy, then named Skip Carr--has been at WMGK 102.9 FM in Philadelphia for awhile now(and previously 94 WYSP for years)-- I called him a few times recently overnight and caught up.."Skip" is now "Scott" Carr--and he sent me an old photo of our DJ staff posing in front of our WZZO van with our mascot lying on top of it(circa 1982!)--and I have it posted in the "PHOTO GALLERY" on my website here...there was not enough room in the photo caption area to list all the DJs--but if you were around at that time and listened to Z-95--take a nostalgia trip with me and try to recall these names(maybe cut and paste the pic and then cut and paste the following underneath it): left to right: Steve McNee, noon to 4PM; Gene Romano, morning show 5:30-9:30AM; Joan Edwardson, morning show news 5:30-9:30AM; unidentified person(not a DJ--sorry!), seated--T.D.(Tom)Kelly--our boss, program director, 4PM to 8PM; Bruce Bond, music director, 9:30AM to noon, Skip/Scott Carr, midnite to 5:30AM, Rick Strauss, 8PM to midnite(Rick now works with Clear Channel radio--passed him on 6th Ave in NYC one night after a gig at Nino's Tuscany last year, and on the bus back to Allentown from NYC another time--hey Rick!); I'm the next one(2nd from right)--almost unrecognizable--I know(yikes); and Chip Murdock, midnite to 5:30AM Sunday morning(Chip is an old buddy who has been living in LA for some 20 years; see him every once in a blue moon in Lehigh Valley--wassup Chip!)...so there ya have it...thanks to Scott Carr for bringing back some memories--25 years ago this year--wow.