I was contacted by Grant Wilfley Casting in NYC to do some background work on Season 3 of "UGLY BETTY". Calltime was a cruel 6:15AM in lower Manhattan on July 21st-- though I napped for 3 hours(didn't fall asleep), I had to get up at 12:30AM to start the process of getting to the Battery Park area of NYC by 6:15AM; left home around 2:00AM, got to Hamilton Station in NJ at 3:15, boarded 3:54 train to Penn Station then grabbed cab to 7 State Street for the holding area at Our Lady of the Rosary Church across from the Staten Island Ferry(ironically several weeks ago I shot a scene w/Katherine Zeta Jones on that Ferry for her film "The Rebound"--just "background extra"--but hey--got a free Ferry ride around the Statue of Liberty!)...so it was deja vu to be back in that neighborhood where we remained for all the various scenes--played Wall Street guy just walking back and forth in front of action; other actors played the same or tourists or whatever; even by 10AM sun was scorching so plenty of bottles of water were provided--I bought two new suits(got a great deal--and I can use them for similar shows that need that business look)- the other scene was also business man(summer suit)at the U.S. Custom House at Bowling Green--we played business men gawking at models stripping off their bras(it was "indicated as such"--we had to improvise like we were seeing that)...during that shoot is when we first got out glimpse of "Ugly Betty" in some action--and then later indoors at the Museum of Native American Culture we did a more casual scene--LOOOONG day--wrapped at 8:15PM(supposedly the longest ever spent shooting her episode--she actually left at 8PM because contractually she is allowed to--and they had to continue shooting a scene just with the other actresses lines/reactions being done--and she had to imagine "Betty" was there..had nice feast mid-afternoon...stay tuned on my website for airdate of this episode!!

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