1. I'll Sing It

From the recording I'll Sing It

This is indisputably one of the best tunes on the CD and a favorite of those who have heard it--it reached #2 on the www.mp3songs.org.uk TOP 100 charts...a strong reason for it's success is the blistering vocals of Sarah Ayers and awesome guitar of Mike Rauscher. Sarah in recent years after the release of "THE FAME GAME" has become an award-winning vocalist in the Lehigh Valley and beyond, and her 2004 release "Cold, Hard, Dirty Truth" from the Sarah Ayers Band is receiving wide acclaim. Visit her website at www.sarahayers.00band.com...Mr. Rauscher has been igniting stages with his guitar since the '90's with the huge Lehigh Valley favorite "The Armadillos"--and his new band "The Aardvarks" are a must-see--visit Michael at www.theaardvarks.net



I'll sing it at the break of dawn
And I'll scream it in the dead of night
Baby it's to you I'm drawn like lovers to moonlight
Every waking hour I feel
That you're just too good to be real
Baby how I love ya, baby how I need ya
Baby can we strike a deal?

I'll sing it in the mornin', I'll sing it in the evenin'
I'll sing it in the summertime
I'll sing it when it's pourin', I'll sing it when it's steamin',
I'll sing it where the sun don't shine
Baby all I ever really wanna do is love ya 'til the day I die
I'll say it in the mornin', I'll say it in the evenin'
I love you!

They say it's cool to be cold,
Yeah they say it's cool to be shy
Never show your feelings girl or you'll lose your main guy
Baby that's not where I'm at,
No I don't know who's been tellin' ya that
So baby get to know me baby you can show me
All the love beneath your hat

Baby won't ya tell me won't ya tell me
Won't ya tell me won't ya tell me just how ya feel?
Baby I can show ya I can show ya nice and slow
That every word I sing is real

(Mike Rauscher guitar solo)

Now that we have settled this
Baby give me one more kiss
Tell me how ya love me, tell me how ya need me
Tell me who you're gonna miss--