From the recording Land Of Make Believe

One of the few songs on the CD directly inspired by someone I was in a relationship with--kind of a Genesis/Peter Gabriel/Beatlesque feel to this one-(and maybe "Men at Work" especially with the sax solo and samba feel)--very different kind of song for me to write and that is always a welcome thing so that predictability is not a constant. Went for an "island feel" in the instrumentation and rhythm to reflect the feeling of "getting away" to a 'private paradise'...enjoy.



I could stay in your loving arms all night and day,
Never worry 'bout the world outside
We could run and hide
I could--

Take you to the moon
Take you to the stars
It could all be ours if we could dream it
Find a galaxy just for you and me
What a fantasy if we could scheme it
Take a magic ride to the other side all you do is--

Take my hand we'll step into the Land of Make Believe
You could start by reaching for my heart
It's on my sleeve
You're so precious that you're every wish
Is my command in the
Land of Make Believe

Don't think twice
We could have our private paradise
We could travel through the stratosphere
It's not far from here, let me--
(Pre-chorus & chorus)