From the recording Sweet Little Lady


Sweet Little Lady,
you are a hard one to figure out
In your Mercedes,
there is no reason for you to pout
You’re rolling in money but you’re still rolling the dice
A Playboy Bunny yet you’re doling advice, inflating your price,

Sweet Little Lady,
you think you know me but you don’t—
I’m not Warren Beatty, I could pretend but you know I won’t,
I’m not Mr. Hollywood I won’t show you the town—and I’m not your Robin Hood
I won’t steal you the crown jewels to keep you around—no

Sweet Little Lady(3X)

Sweet Little Lady,
You’ll climb the ladder to the top
You’re motives are shady it doesn’t matter who’s head you chop
Remember what goes around will come back to you
Heads may be rolling now but they’ll grow back into The bodies you screw oh yes…oh yes...
You know they will..yes ya know they will...

Sweet Little Lady
(you think you know me but you don't have a clue)
Sweet Little Lady
(What goes around it's gonna come back to you)
Sweet Little Lady

[guitar lead]

You’re bored in your bedroom when there’s no deals goin’ down..
Move your bed to the boardroom and then
Slip into your gown when the big boys come round'll know they'll come around..yes they'll come around

Sweet Little Lady
(you got the big boys linin' up at your door)
Sweet Little Lady
(and ya know they're gonna come back for more)
Sweet Little Lady

...They'll be watchin' you,
Yes they'll be watchin' you
ooh ooh hoo Sweet Little Lady!