1. The Fame Game

From the recording The Fame Game

The title track of my CD "THE FAME GAME" is a study of the search for fame and love in the glitz and fast pace of Los Angeles or NYC...it is not about a specific person but a review of the cross-section of individuals who's names are 'legion'--whether male or female--who--as the song states--are "trying to maintain the high life they[she] disdains". Other songs on the CD explore these themes as well so I thought an appropriate title for my first release would be "THE FAME GAME" to underscore a thematic core that runs through the CD.



She wants the finer things
All that money brings
And so she'll hitch her train
To a Sugar Daddy's cane
And cruise the fastest lane

And so she says "she's saved"
'Cause her road is always paved
She dreams she sees her name
In neon lights aflame
She's caught up in the Fame Game

She's walking out on the wire
Chasing her hearts desire
Wasting away her entire life
She is a frequent flyer
Playing with friendly fire
She thinks she's found what she needs
But it's all uninspired

She handpicks all her friends
From the parties she attends
They're always VIP's
Their money grows on trees
But she can't afford their fees

And she calls it 'happiness'
Her fleeting state of bliss
She wants critical acclaim
But they can't recall her name
She's caught up in the Fame Game

Oh--doo doo doo doo doo doo....
She thinks she's found what she needs...

She cries herself to sleep
'Cause the pain is much too deep
From trying to maintain
The high life she disdains
Welcome to the Fame Game

Oh--doo doo doo doo doo doo...
She thinks she's finally carefree but it's all uninspired...
Ooh...doo doo doo..
Mmmm...all uninspired...
Welcome to the Fame Game....yeah