After playing a gig at the Brookside Country Club in Pottstown on Friday nite March 18th, I decided to travel all the way into the Blue Bell area on Rt. 73 from Pottstown. I know that a great new Italian place in North Wales, PA called Bacco( ) has incredibly good bands on the just after midnight(to quote an Eric Clapton song) I entered the foyer of Bacco's and was greeted to the sweet sound of some funky blues. All of a sudden I heard the lead singer say "take it away Roger Girke!", the only Roger Girke I knew was my good buddy from the Lehigh Valley who I've known since the late '80's. As I approached the stage(which is floor level with the bar)--sure enough Roger's gritty smile I recall was joined by his grittier, searing guitar lead. He interrupted the lead for a few seconds for a quick hug, and a few songs later his show was over. He was sitting in with another band that evening, all from quite a distance from North Wales. Roger has resided in Delaware for many years, and so the few times he travels to PA is always a treat for me--and what an unexpected one to walk into! Seated at the bar ironically was the owner of one of my weekly gig venues--Leo Leone of San Marco Ristorante in Spring House ( )..I introduced Leo to Roger (hey Roger--you know you owe Leo some Santana tunes next time you're in town--lol)...Roger and I caught up after at least 7-8 years of not seeing each other--before departing to Delaware he had played integral roles in the bands "the Front" and "Righteous" in the Lehigh Valley. He handed me his new CD(released in 2004) that is simply awesome--entitled "My Baby Loves That Stuff" by the Roger Girke Band. Roger sings and plays some of the funkiest R&B/Soul- tinged Chicago & Delta Blues with New Orleans funk you'll ever hear--and I'm so proud that he is making major headway in the Delaware/Maryland markets(and the national scene should be next!) How overjoyed I was to see him--and to share his music with all of you--please go to and next time you consider hitting Rehobeth Beach think of this guy--I'm so glad I took that long ride up Rt. 73 tonite!(..I think there's a blues song there...)