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**JIM IS AVAILABLE TO PLAY YOUR 2024 functions(corporate or private)ON GRAND PIANO or Jim's portable keyboard--Jim also does wedding ceremonies(Church Organist or piano), cocktail and full receptions--he will work with whatever protocols are necessary during this pandemic..reach him ASAP to book your function at (484)716-4546. ***

**The Jim Loftus original CD "THE FAME GAME" reached the 15th anniversary of it's release on Sept. 21, 2015!! CDBaby since May 5, 2015 has been conducting a "beta test" with it's artists on YouTube, and each track from Jim's CD is featured there. YOUR "LISTEN/COMMENTS" AID GREATLY WITH THIS TEST AND ARE MUCH APPRECIATED!! CLICK HERE TO HEAR THE 14 FULL TRACKS FROM "THE FAME GAME" NOW!!: https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=jim+loftus+the+fame+game

“THE FAME GAME” can be heard on several platforms including SPOTIFY:


Also Apple:


      *Summer 2017 Jim worked on the first season of the USA Network series "THE SINNER" starring Jessica Biel. Playing an attorney seated behind Jessica's character "Cora Tannetti", Part II of the 8 episode series opens with a court arraignment scene..this " Part II Recap" video below shows a snippet from that scene near the video's end where you can see Jim seated behind "Cora" from a rear shot from back of the courtroom, then Jim rising to chat with his client(front shot behind "Cora" and her attorney played by Susan Pourfar.) 


 **CHECK OUT THE CLASSIC ROCK TRIO "VINYL PERSUASION"(together since July 2015) www.facebook.com/vinylpersuasion with RON SHIREY on lead/harmony vocals, JIM BREKUS on acoustic guitar/vocals and JIM LOFTUS on keyboard/vocals. The trio focuses on classic rock ballads/pop rock tunes from the '60's/'70's/early '80's era of iconic "vinyl records". Bands and artists with memorable three part harmonies such as The Beatles/Byrds/Badfinger/CSNY/America/Three Dog Night/Grand Funk Railroad/Simon & Garfunkel/David Bowie/Bob Seger/Kansas/and more are featured.


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 ***WELCOME TO www.jimloftus.com***

JIM LOFTUS is a Pianist/Keyboardist/Singer/Composer AND SAG/AFTRA actor. He has played gala tribute dinners at the Plaza, Waldorf-Astoria and 21 Club in NYC for such stars as JULIE ANDREWS, MILTON BERLE, DOUGLAS FAIRBANKS, Jr. and ROSETTA LeNOIRE; he has opened in concert for REGIS PHILBIN, TODD RUNDGREN and SHAW-BLADES(Tommy Shaw of "Styx"/Jack Blades of "Night Ranger"/both of "Damn Yankees"). This website features Jim's music AND acting news.

*JIM HAS BEEN OFFERING VOCAL COACHING!! Visit Jim's FB Page "Jim Loftus Vocal Coach" for more info at https://www.facebook.com/jimloftusvocalcoach (be sure to "like" his page once there to help to promote it). (SEEKING NEW VOCAL STUDENTS 16-99!! REACH JIM AT (484)716-4546. Jim will travel to the student with keyboard or use piano of student if available.




Rediscover Jim's first original CD released Sept. 2000--"THE FAME GAME"...14 Classic all ORIGINAL Pop/Rock Tunes from Jim Loftus available on iTunes(click the icon:)

Jim Loftus - The Fame Game

or order via CDBaby below:"THE FAME GAME"---with incredible full band consisting of such big names as SCOTT BRADOKA (http://www.scottbradoka.com ) and MIKE RAUSCHER (www.theaardvarks.net ) on guitars; two duets with the amazing award-winning vocalist SARAH AYERS (https://www.youtube.com/user/SarahAyersBand ) on "I'll Sing It" and "Mary Kate"--bass player Gods KJELL BENNER(formerly 'Quiet Riot") and STEFON PIZZUTO and drummer JON WILSON round out the band...


If you are new to Jim's debut CD--discover the great tunes on "THE FAME GAME"--Click on songs at the above link to listen and BUY NOW!! A CD that Molly Hatchet guitarist Bobby Ingram once remarked "JIM's CD is KILLER!!" (www.mollyhatchet.com )***

  Jim Loftus played "Simon Stride", Dr. Jekyll's archrival in the musical "JEKYLL & HYDE" at Notre Dame Summer Theatre @ Notre Dame High School, Easton PA. (Last 2 weekends of July 2015).  Check out the reviews in the Morning Call: http://www.mcall.com/entertainment/arts/mc-review-jekyll-hyde-20150730-story.html and Bethlehem Press: http://bethlehem.thelehighvalleypress.com/2015/07/29/theater-review-jekyll-hyde-musical-top-notch-notre-dame-0 View promo photos of the show at: http://www.mcall.com/entertainment/mc-pictures-notre-dame-summer-theatre-jekyll-and-hyde-20150721-photogallery.html 


GigMasters 2012 Rising Star Winner

JIM LOFTUS WAS AWARDED THE "2012 RISING STAR AWARD" FOR TOP KEYBOARDIST IN THE USA & CANADA BY THE WEBS #1 EVENT BOOKING SERVICE WWW.GIGMASTERS.COM !! FOR THEIR FEB.4, 2013 PRESS RELEASE GO TO: http://www.prweb.com/releases/2013/1/prweb10368765.htm AND TO SEE THE ENTIRE LIST OF WINNERS GO TO: http://www.gigmasters.com/about/rising-star-awards.aspx (once on that page click onto the "Solo Instrumentalists" link)




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...and on April 16, 2013 GIGMASTERS awarded Jim "GOLD MEMBER STATUS" for his high level of success using the website as a tool for acquiring gigs in the past 9 years!!






 Jim met GLENN TILBROOK of the band SQUEEZE after his performance at the Steel Stacks Artsquest Musikfest Cafe in Bethlehem PA on October 13th, 2013; back in 1982 Jim was playing tracks from Squeeze on the radio as a WZZO D-J(situated ironically also in Bethlehem at the Westgate Mall at that time)..30 years later they get to meet!




 Jim got to meet and hang out with JADE STARLING of "Pretty Poison" fame at the Sands Casino Molten Lounge Wed., Sept. 25th 2013 after her performance promoting her upcoming "Insomniak" CD release in October.




Jim with STEVE HIGGINS, announcer on the "Late Night w/Jimmy Fallon" show on NBC and longtime writer/producer on SNL among other things; Jim played a private event at Steve's home in NJ on August 3rd, 2013.

**CHECK OUT THIS VIDEO LINK OF 'THE SMITH COMPOUND BAND" (that Jim plays keyboards with) ON THE 'MUSIC MONDAY' SHOW ON WFMZ TV CH. 69 IN ALLENTOWN PA NEW YEARS EVE MORNING 2012--(an interview with host Jim Vaughn and two mini-medleys featuring 9 songs and one full length song at the show's end)..it is one of the stations most played videos and has been "recommended' over 85 times in the first week of it's posting on the WFMZ online site: http://www.wfmz.com/news/Sunrise/Music-Monday-The-Smith-Compound-Band/-/409464/17956472/-/w7m03vz/-/index.html 

Below is a video of Jim's band that he was with for a few years--THE SMITH COMPOUND BAND playing at the Macungie Memorial Park in Macungie PA for the "Wheels Of Time" car show Friday August 24th, 2012; songs are "Lonely Is the Night"/"I Saw Her Standing There"/"3 AM"/"Don't You Forget About Me"/"Keep Your Hands To Yourself".






  **HERE IS A SCENE from the premiere(pilot episode) of POLITICAL ANIMALS on USA NETWORK-- that aired July 15, 2012..Jim Loftus can be seen(the first 6 seconds) in rear row closest to camera(back of head) as a Russian reporter taking notes as Sigourney(as Secretary of State "Elaine Barrish Hammond")addresses the Russian embassy; Viktor the Russian foreign minister makes a grab that turns out to not be a "power grab"---watch and see!



**CHECK OUT JIM PERFORMING "ZIGGY STARDUST" with the SMITH COMPOUND BAND at the MAYFAIR FESTIVAL OF THE ARTS Cabaret Stage in Allentown, PA on Sunday night, May 27th, 2012.  This song opened the show and was done to commemorate the June 5, 2012 40th anniversary re-release of the iconic Bowie album "The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders From Mars", originally released June 6, 1972.



 **CHECK OUT JIM IN VIDEO BELOW OF "BEHIND THE SCENES OF 'JUSTICE DENIED"--new episode of "Law & Order:SVU", Season 13, episode 17 that aired April 11th, 2012 at 10PM on NBC. Jim plays a courtroom reporter seated in the courtroom gallery in the front row next to actress Mariska Hargitay(Olivia Benson), and behind defendant Guillermo Diaz and his attorney Andre Braugher; Harry Connick Jr. is the DA. Look for Jim in the video below between 0:36 and 1:04 wearing a brown blazer(and eyeglasses)


**CHECK OUT JIM LOFTUS as locker room reporter(left side profile) in this "FLYERS PERFECT SEASON" Verizon Commercial; Jim is at far left of screen at 0:24 to 0:26 as Briere/Richards & Co. celebrate their 82-0 season!  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EbYCZdHNWgo

Pianist in Green Lane

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***********PAST ACTING NEWS!!!*******************

 Jim was one of the core background of doctors on the NBC show "MERCY" that aired Sept.2009 through May 2010; unfortunately though the show had many fans NBC cancelled it due to inconsistent ratings.

 The film "LAW ABIDING CITIZEN" with Jamie Foxx Jim worked on in January and March 2009 in Philly was released October 16th 2009 nationwide.  The film trailer is attached below; you can spot Jim in a lightning fast clip at 0:40 seconds into it(PAUSE IT at 0:40); Jim is part of the paparazzi for a City Hall press conference--(wearing a brown hat directly above Jamie Foxx who is facing the crowd(his back to camera); ...enjoy!!   




ABOVE PIC: Jim Loftus at the far right of actor Jeff Daniels in his new film "THE ANSWER MAN"; it is a bookstore scene shot in Philadelphia on April 8, 2008 and released July 24th, 2009; watch the trailer video below to view snippets from the actual scene!


***CLICK ON VIDEO TRAILER BELOW FOR THE JEFF DANIELS FILM "THE ANSWER MAN" and see Jim Loftus in a bookstore scene with Daniels!! Details below video!!  

***NEAR THE END OF THE TRAILER VIDEO ABOVE, pause the video after Jeff Daniels "spreads his arms" to quiet the bookstore crowd--you'll see Jim for a second on left side of screen in crowd(wearing eyeglasses); then more prominently after actor Lou Taylor Pucci("Kris Lucas")asks Daniels "So you're just like the rest of us?"--look for Jim on right side of screen watching Daniels as he says "Uh not yet but I'm trying". "THE ANSWER MAN" opened July 24th, 2009 and has played selected cities including Philadelphia... Check out film website at http://www.answermanmovie.com/

***CATCH JIM IN UPCOMING REPEAT EPISODE OF "LAW & ORDER:Criminal Intent" entitled "ALPHA DOG"!!*** Beginning August 2nd, 2009, several airings of "ALPHA DOG" episode of "Law & Order:CI" has aired on the USA NETWORK; it debuted 9PM and midnite Sunday August 2nd; also midnite August 3rd; CATCH IT DECEMBER 15th at MIDNITE(technically Dec.16th, 2009) . Jim is in a scene shot at Giovanni's restaurant in Manhattan at a table just adjacent to the action. Actor Nestor Serrano(playing character "Slash")is dining with a lady named "Galla"; you'll see Jim at right of screen chatting with a dining guest--this occurs 25 minutes into this episode of "ALPHA DOG". "Stash" even looks behind him in Jim's direction while talking, wary of an eavesdropper. To see a "2 minute replay" of the episode go to http://www.usanetwork.com/series/criminalintent/video/2minreplay.html where you will see a snippet from the scene and Jim's appearance at the countdown time of 1:26 and 1:25 into the video.

***JIM WORKED ON SET OF NEW PIERCE BROSNAN FILM!!*** On July 7th Jim played the role of a father dropping his daughter off at an upper East Side private school in Manhattan as Pierce Brosnan sat in a black Mercedes outside of the school in the film "REMEMBER ME(a memoir)" now shooting in Manhattan; Brosnan plays the father of young megastar Robert Pattinson("Twilight" film series)--release date next year...details to follow...

***JIM APPEARED ON "LAW & ORDER:CRIMINAL INTENT" episode "Folie a Deux"!!!**** Originally airing June 7th, 2009 on the USA NETWORK-- featuring LYNN REDGRAVE on the USA NETWORK; it also aired at 11PM E.S.T Sat.,June 13th and Sunday morning June 14th at 9:00AM E.S.T. Jim appears 28 MINUTES into the show in an exterior scene at "Astor Place" area of NYC at the Cooper Union Great Hall in the East VIllage(7 E.7th St. at 3rd Ave.) Shot back on Oct. 15th, 2008, Jim can be seen in a brown sports blazer walking amongst other passerbys as star Kathryn Erbe(Det. Alex Eames)has placed a bag full of ransom money in a trash can awaiting a criminal to snatch it; you see Jim briefly a few times, and then more prominently when Det. Eames whispers in her wrist walkie-talkie "GOT HIM!" as the thief grabs the loot. Jim walks by as the thief starts to make his getaway towards the subway. A LINK TO VIEW A VIDEO FROM THE USA NETWORK website where you can see Jim at 2:11 into the video is: http://www.usanetwork.com/series/criminalintent/video/2minreplay.html 

 MORE PAST "ACTOR NEWS": Thursday MAY 14th: Jim spent a day in NYC at the Central Park Zoo on the set of Jennifer Aniston's new film "THE BASTER". Jim played a Dad with his kid watching penguins along with actor Jason Bateman and other background actors doing the same--those creatures are funny!

 APRIL 22nd: Jim played a Soviet cameraman in a flashback scene of the '88 Olympics in a brand new pilot for the FX network called "LIGHTS OUT". Starring Holt McCallany as a former USA heavyweight boxer, in this scene we see "Holt" jostling with a Soviet boxer who has won the gold medal; Holt shoves Jim's camera away during the tustle; details later on the debut of "LIGHTS OUT"!

ON WEDNESDAY, MARCH 25th on a brand new episode of "LAW & ORDER" entitled "Anchors Away", 10PM on NBC-TV, Jim played an attorney seated in the front row of the courtroom gallery right next to stars JILL EIKENBERRY and MAGGIE LACEY during arraignment hearings, and was also seen in the later arraingnment hearing in the back row(also in a Rikers Island scene).

 JIM worked Monday and Tuesday March 2nd and 3rd on the film "LAW ABIDING CITIZEN" in Philly as a reporter witnessing an "execution" along with Jamie Foxx and Leslie Bibb--very exciting--details forthcoming....

***JIM taped his FIRST "Law & Order" episode Wed., Feb.18th at their Manhattan studios at Chelsea Piers(NO--not "SVU" or "Criminal Intent"--the first he's done ten times, with the most recent episode "LEAD" to air March 10th on NBC at 10PM; and the latter he's done twice and they've yet to air on the USA Network--a few more weeks for Season Premiere)--but the original "LAW & ORDER"(in it's 19th season)Jim will be seen as a District Attorney in the episode "Anchors Away"--details forthcoming!...

 ***and in January: Jim appeared on the CBS HALLMARK HALL OF FAME FILM "LOVING LEAH" as a tuxedoed pianist for an upscale black tie cocktail party that included the film's stars Lauren Ambrose and Adam Kaufman--airdate was Sunday, January 25th from 9:00-11:00PM E.S.T. on CBS-TV!! For more info click on Jim's "JOURNAL" section here to read about his day on the set shooting these films!

***BELOW ARE RECENT JIM LOFTUS VIDEOS: Jim performed a 50th wedding anniversary November 1, 2008 at the American Club in Coplay PA; the first of several videos below is of Jim performing "THE ROSE", a request from the daughters of George and Elaine Hersh(the anniversary couple)--enjoy!!!  ...below Jim does the tune "SWAY"(Dean Martin tune also done by Michael Buble).  ...also from the November 1st party, Santana's "SMOOTH":  ...and helping Billy Joel celebrate the 30th anniversary of "The Stranger" album with this tune below...  ...they have toured together "Face 2 Face"(2002), so let's follow Billy Joel with one from Sir Elton John...  ...the video below is of one of the most recorded songs of all time--UNCHAINED MELODY:  ...the video below features Jim doing a song that can be heard in the Broadway show "Jersey Boys"...  ...AND EVEN ELVIS MADE AN APPEARANCE AT THE AMERICAN CLUB IN COPLAY--AND SUBSEQUENTLY HAS LEFT THE BUILDING...  ...JIM BREAKS OUT HIS YAMAHA ACOUSTIC AND GETS THE PARTY ROCKIN' WITH HIS "BROWN EYED GIRL/'60's MEDLEY":  ...and last but never least--a SwIng Medley from the "Chairman of the Board":  Jim sang "ZIGGY STARDUST" with the Lou Franco Project at the Mayfair Festival of the Arts in Allentown PA Saturday night, May 24, 2008--click on YOU TUBE video below to view!!  ++++++++++REST IN PEACE++++++++++++ **Jim would like you to keep the great film director/actor SYDNEY POLLACK in your prayers who passed away of stomach cancer in Los Angeles this past Memorial Day 2008. Jim had the honor of meeting and chatting with Mr. Pollack a few times when he stopped into DESTINO RESTAURANT in NYC where Jim played piano from April 2006 through January 2008. Click on the "JOURNAL" tab here for some of Jim's memories of Sydney Pollack and a very special moment where Jim played tribute to his film career "in song".

MORE PAST ACTOR HIGHLIGHTS: ***FEB.18th: JIM taped his FIRST "Law & Order" episode(in it's 19th season)..Jim will be seen as a District Attorney in the episode "Anchors Away"--details forthcoming!..

FEB.4th: Jim does his TENTH episode of "Law & Order:SVU" --this one will be entitled "LEAD"; look for Jim as a "Hospital Visitor"(filmed at PACE Univeristy NYC) and maybe some exterior scenes as an attorney on the NYC City Hall steps--airdate approaching...

 JANUARY 22nd: Jim does the film "LAW ABIDING CITIZEN" in his hometown of Philadelphia doing some exterior scenes at City Hall as an attorney(with Jamie Foxx and Leslie Bibb).

***NOV.25th: Jim works for the first time on the set of the upcoming ABC show "CUPID" in the Flatiron District of NYC, doing mostly exterior scenes. A windy, brutally cold and rainy day today shooting alot of "pedestrian" scenes; over 12 hours on set--good money, and a good chest cold!

***NOV.14th--Jim works for the 2nd time on "LAW & ORDER:Criminal Intent"(the last time being one month ago on the episode "Folie a Deux"). This episode, the 6th of their new Season 8 which will begin airing in 2009, is entitled "Alpha Dog". Jim plays a press photographer among excited paparazzi getting shots of the model "Hamp" Trotter and his wife Amy Townsend(the characters names)--"Amy" was played by Sabine Singh,[formerly All My Children--check her out at http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0802217/] ;also Jim will be seen as a restaurant patron at Giovanni's(47 W.55th St.), and perhaps as pedestrian on same street in another scene!

***NOV.12th: Jim works for the 9th time on "LAW & ORDER:SVU", and the 8th time at their North Bergen NJ studios. This episode, the 10th of it's 10th season is entitled "SMUT" and will air Dec.9th, 2008 on NBC at 10PM. Jim plays a doctor wearing white lab coat and blues scrubs;look for him in a hospital scene where Olivia(Mariska Hargitay)walks with a character named Karen as she lugs an IV drip--they pass Jim who is at nurses station speaking to nurse;Jim then walks to elevator and presses the button as they continue walking and chatting.

***OCT.30th: Jim works for the first time on the set of "RESCUE ME",the Denis Leary show on the FX channel-- currently filming it's 5th season, debuting in March 2009. The location was the Viceroy Bar in NYC"s Chelsea section;11AM call, 8PM wrap--short day but fun time hanging with Leary and gang!

***OCT.22nd: Jim works for the second time on the Emmy-award winning NBC comedy "30 ROCK" as it continues taping it's 3rd season(Jim was in the "Ludachristmas Party" show last season). Actors were bussed from Manhattan to the Marriott LeGuardia Hotel in East Elmhurst NY, where Jim played a hotel bellhop greeting guests;later in the shoot Jim played one of several General Electric businessmen attending a seminar hosted by Alec Baldwin's character Jack Donaghy, mingling in the lobby. Look for a JOURNAL entry here soon with details on Jim's 14 hour day on the set of Tina Fey's "30 ROCK"!!

***OCT.15th: Jim works for the first time on the set of "Law & Order:Criminal Intent" as it is now shooting it's 8th season on NBC. This episode,the third of the new season entitled "Folie a Deux", will air in 2009(stay tuned for updates on the air date). The 9AM call was an exterior scene near Cooper Union's Great Hall in the East Village(7 E. 7th St. at 3rd Avenue); Jim and other actors played "passerbys" while star Kathryn Erbe(Det. Alexandra Eames)stands at a newstand awaiting a cab ride. {Look for Jim in a brown sport jacket and slacks with brown brief case on the move,chatting with actor Josh Mowery(great guy--has been a stand-in for George Clooney and Michael Douglas!)--Josh is in dark grey jacket and slacks with dark briefcase.}

***SEPT.29th: Jim does his 2nd stint on "Law & Order:SVU THIS MONTH! 3 weeks prior he played a courtroom attorney, and will do the same in the SVU episode "BABES" airing perhaps the beginning of November on NBC. It was a 13 hour day on the set in North Bergen, NJ which co-starred Debi Mazar(Goodfellas, Entourage--more on Debi at: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Debi_Mazar )--it's the 8th "SVU" episode Jim has done;check back here for the airdate.

***SEPT.16th: Jim plays a NYC businessman having drinks/dinner at the posh "Bull & Bear Steakhouse" in the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel for an episode of the new 2nd season of "DAMAGES"(FX channel;w/Glenn Close, Marcia Gay Harden and William Hurt). Click on the "JOURNAL" tab here to read all about Jim's exciting day!

***SEPT.9th: Jim will play a paralegal in a courtroom arraignment scene on "LAW & ORDER:SVU"--his 7th time doing the show and 6th time taping it at the North Bergen NJ studios. The episode(entitled "SWING") will air Tuesday, October 14th at 10PM on NBC. Jim was also the "Stand In" for Judge Alan Ridenaur(played by Harvey Atkin)that day--and actually got to speak lines to stars Mariska Hargitay and C.C.H Pounder when "the judge" did return in time for a rehearsal of a courtroom scene--click the "JOURNAL" tab here to read all about Jim's day on SVU!!

***SEPT.4th: Jim spends 16 HOURS on the set of "UNORTHODOX", a new CBS Hallmark Hall of Fame film directed by Jeff Bleckner(Boston Legal; also Hill Street Blues,Dynasty and Welcome Back Kotter). Bleckner chose Jim to be the Pianist for a formal black-tie cocktail reception where the stars and guests are dancing to the piano music; click the "JOURNAL" tab here to read all about Jim's day on "Unorthodox"!!

***SEPT. 3rd: Jim spends 14 hours on the set of the brand new X-Files-type FOX TV show "Fringe"(Tuesdays at 8PM)playing a NYC businessman mingling at a seminar party shot at the Park Avenue Armory at 66th and Park Avenue with star Anna Torv(earlier in day Jim was pedestrian walking by Torv as she jogs down E.10th St.). Stay tuned here for air date for this episode(most likely the 4th episode of the new season)...and click the "JOURNAL" tab here to read all about Jim's day on "FRINGE"!!

 ***JULY 21st: Jim spends a long day on the set of "UGLY BETTY"--now taping in NYC rather than Los Angeles. Battery Park area of Manhattan near the Staten Island Ferry was the location for various scenes shot today(including the National Museum of the American Indian located at the U.S. Customs House at 1 Bowling Green); Jim played a "Wall Street Guy", business man and museum visitor all in one day! Look for a JOURNAL entry here soon about Jim's 13 hour day with America Ferrara and the UGLY BETTY cast in NYC sweltering heat....

***JUNE 5th: Jim is on the set of the FX series "IT'S ALWAYS SUNNY IN PHILADELPHIA" shooting exterior scenes as a business man in Philly at the Swann Memorial Fountain in Logan Square(19th & the Parkway)(for pic go to: http://philadelphia.about.com/library/gallery/blparkway32.htm );Danny DeVito was also on set along with young costars; other shots with Jim as "casual dude on cell phone" were done outside of the Philadelphia Java Company Coffee Shop at 518 S. 4th Street--this show shoots primarily in LA but comes to Philly for a few weeks to shoot their exteriors for authenticity--so several episodes were shot this day--fun stuff!

***MAY 14th & 15th: Jim is on the set of film "THE REBOUND" starring Catherine Zeta-Jones. Filmed at the NY-1 News Studios(located at the famous Chelsea Market Building at 75 9th Avenue) to simulate the "Sports News Network"(or "SNN") the film is written and directed by Bart Freundlich(married to Julianne Moore). Jim plays one of the sports news office workers; Jim also was in a scene on the Staten Island Ferry w/Catherine! Look for film release Christmas Day 2010...

**MAY 9: Jim is on the set of new film "HAPPY TEARS" starring Demi Moore and Parker Posey at 3rd and Cherry Streets in Old City Philly. Jim will be one of several "Art Gallery patrons" in the interior and exterior of the gallery at a wine reception party--look for this film in 2009....

**APRIL 25: Jim is on "Law & Order:SVU" set in Harlem from noon to 3am next day playing Deputy Inspector(police 'brass')for THE SEASON FINALE episode "COLD" which aired May 13th on NBC-TV; *****FOR A PREVIEW OF THIS SHOW CLICK ON THE YOU TUBE VIDEO BELOW(pause the video 0:21 seconds into it and you will see Jim at the left of the screen with other Deputy Inspector "brass" officers facing Detective Stabler(Chris Meloni)--[note:there are a few rapid-fire edits at 0:21 so you'll have to be quick to pause it at just the right millisecond to catch the shot!]*****  **ALSO on April 25th, the film "BABY MAMA" is released starring Tina Fey and Greg Kinnear--though Jim does not appear in this film, he was Kinnear's "stand-in"; **Jim taped the 200th episode of "Law & Order:SVU" ('Authority')which aired April 29th on NBC-TV starring Robin Williams; Jim was in a scene early in the show on the phone in the precinct.

**APRIL 8: Jim plays book store customer in Jeff Daniels film "The Dream of the Romans" shooting in Philly--scroll down for details; **MARCH 10: Jim shoots scene in NYC as Church Organist in Disney film "Confessions of a Shopaholic"(scroll down for details).... ...and now in reference to photo at top of this homepage:

*** Jim appears on "ALL MY CHILDREN" on ABC-TV February 14th & 15th,2008 in reunion scenes of "Jesse & Angie"--above photo from Feb.14 depicts Jim getting train ticket with "Jesse"(Darnell Williams")about to get his ticket; Tad Martin(Michael E. Knight)is seated in background(FOR MORE PHOTOS CLICK ON "Photo Gallery" HERE). Fans of the show were treated to a very emotional reunion of these two integral and beloved characters from "All My Children's" past--"Jesse and Angie"; FOR MORE ABOUT THE "JESSE/ANGIE" STORYLINE GO TO: http://abc.go.com/daytime/allmychildren/angiejesse.html  PHOTO ABOVE LEFT ON THIS HOMEPAGE: Jim relaxes playing piano after his 13 hour shoot on ALL MY CHILDREN...the shoot took place in New Hope PA at the New Hope Ivyland Train Station--Jim played a business commuter waiting for a train to NYC and was seen in a few scenes--LOOK FOR FULL STORY ABOUT JIM'S DAY BY CLICKING THE "JOURNAL" ENTRY HERE!!! ****AND VIEW JIM'S SCENES FROM THE FEBRUARY 14th &15th;SHOW BELOW!! The YOU TUBE link for Jim's first scene--where he is getting a ticket at the train station window just before Jesse gets his ticket--is: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9q2gIaUBLg0&feature=related  (you can see Jim at 1:35 to 1:53 into the video) ..AND YOU CAN CLICK ON THE YOU TUBE VIDEO BELOW TO SEE JIM"S FEBRUARY 15th SCENE...(you can see Jim from 1:46 to 2:20 into this video standing next to "Angie" on the train station platform!) **the direct url at YOU TUBE for this video is: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CwNYYPWaZTc  ***************************************************** ...more actor news!!: JIM worked in Philadelphia(his hometown)on the new film "THE DREAM OF THE ROMANS" starring Jeff Daniels on Tuesday, April 8th--Jeff plays a reclusive author of spiritual books(one namely called "ME & GOD") and Jim was in a Philly bookstore along with costar Nora Dunn of SNL fame as one of several fans of "Jeff's" new book--Jeff's character "Arlen Faber" is in the store giving a long speech to his adoring fans...film will come out in 2009 -- look for a detailed "day on the set" SOON in the "JOURNAL" section here!!!

---ALSO!!!!: JIM FEATURED AS 'CHURCH ORGANIST' IN FILM "CONFESSIONS OF A SHOPAHOLIC" On Monday, March 10th, 2008, Jim shot a scene as a Church Organist in a Disney/Jerry Bruckheimer film to be released February 2009 entitled "Confessions of a Shopaholic". Filmed at St. James Episocopal Church at 71st and Madison in NYC, Jim will be seen playing the pipe organ dressed in choirmaster garb on the altar of the church for the processional march scene of the bridal party and bride! The film, based on the Sophie Kinsella book series, stars Krysten Ritter(playing the bride "Suze"),Isla Fisher(playing the matron of honor "Rebecca Bloomwood")and Hugh Dancy(the groom). For more on the film check out http://buzzsugar.com/955601  Look for a story on Jim's day on the shoot coming soon in the JOURNAL part of this website!! Hello everyone AND HAPPY NEW YEAR 2008!!! ! Welcome to my official site that shares my music and acting news with you... Click onto the "MP3 SAMPLES" to hear my original songs, and also A VIDEO of me playing a surprise birthday party at Landhaven Bed & Breakfast near Barto, PA on April 14, 2007--what a hoot! I hope you enjoy your stay.


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-------------------------------------------------------- Jim answered a Craigslist.org ad posted on that site by film maker Brandon Kaplan of Los Angeles on Monday, July 30th 2007 asking for a composer who can provide appropriate background music for a humorous Heinz Ketchup Commercial. He specified there was only 3 days left to meet a deadline for a nationwide contest sponsored by HEINZ to create the best commercial--Jim finished the music in less than an hour(it consists of a "rinky dink honky tonk" piano and ominous "JAWS-like" sounds for the "evil tomatoes")-- it was recorded at Dan McKinney's "Dan's House Studio" (http://www.danshousestudio.com/ )and sent via mp3 to Mr. Kaplan and the result is the You Tube video below--the entry is entitled "BAD TOMATOES--not at HEINZ!"...Heinz has reviewed over 4,000 video entries and chose the TOP 15 commercials which have been posted at www.topthistv.com as of AUGUST 27th. Though Brandon and Jim's commercial did not make "the cut" , the Top 15 can be voted on(by you) through September 10th(one vote per day)--the TOP 5 will be broadcast nationally(the winner will be broadcast September 16th on the Primetime "EMMY"S" show on FOX TV at 8PM)--the grand prize winner wins $57,000 (Heinz "57"), the 4 runnerups also get cash prizes($5,700)--again to vote and read more about the contest go to: www.topthistv.com TO VIEW THE DIRECT YOU TUBE WEBPAGE LINK FOR BRANDON & JIM'S COMMERCIAL GO TO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OzVVjWsPKJg ...and view it RIGHT NOW here:  ******************************************************** ****************ARCHIVE NEWS********************* *****JIM IS THE "STAND IN" FOR ACTOR GREG KINNEAR IN THE FILM "BABY MAMA"!!!***** The film "Baby Mama"(just released April 25, 2008) which stars former Saturday Night Live "Weekend Update" anchors Tina Fey and Amy Poehler(Fey was also SNL head writer) along with Greg Kinnear and Sigourney Weaver, wrapped it's film production July 19th, 2007 in Philadelphia. JIM LOFTUS was called by Heery Casting in Philly to be the "stand in" for GREG KINNEAR for the July 18th shoot! (A "Stand In" usually resembles the starring actor and helps the film crew establish their camera angles/lighting for each shot; they then step aside and allow the main actors to shoot the scene). To read all about Jim's exciting day on the set of "BABY MAMA" click onto the "JOURNAL" tab here at Jim's website!! ***JIM IS THE OPENING ACT FOR "SHAW-BLADES" AT CROCODILE ROCK CAFE ALLENTOWN!!!*** Jim Loftus added to his list of artists he has opened for on Friday night March 23rd,2007 --TOMMY SHAW(lead guitarist/singer with superband STYX and DAMN YANKEES) and JACK BLADES(bassist/guitarist/singer with NIGHT RANGER and DAMN YANKEES). Visit their site at www.shawblades.com. The duo reunited after a hiatus of several years and have recorded a great CD called "Influence", songs they cover from Simon & Garfunkel, Yes, Steely Dan, ELP, the Zombies, and more. Jim did a 40 minute set of cover songs and one original to get the crowd pumped up--read all about it by clicking the JOURNAL tab on Jim's site here!! ***JIM APPEARS ON "LAW & ORDER:SVU!*** --Jim appeared as a featured jury member on the "LAW & ORDER:SVU" episode "STRAIN" which reairs every 2-3 months on the USA Network. ****IT WILL RE-AIR MAY 1, 2008(at 8:00PM)and MAY 2,2008(at midnight--4 hours after the previous airing)on the USA NETWORK.**** Other recent airings of this episode occurred on February 22, 2008, November 27, 2007(two airings that day), September 28, June 11 and March 31 in 2007, Dec. 1, 2006 and also Oct. 1, 14, and 15 2006 also on USA. This episode entitled "STRAIN" originally aired on Tuesday, October 18th, 2005 on NBC-TV. The show deals with a new deadly strain of the AIDS virus triggered by the drug "meth" and how it affected it's victims. Jim is featured prominently in an intense closeup shot when a hypothetical question is posed to Jim by the defense attorney(played by CCH Pounder) concerning whether he should use a gun to shoot "Osama Bin Laden"(jury scenes were in the last 15 minutes of the show). Click the "JOURNAL" link here to read about Jim's day on the set(shot May 31, 2005) of this award-winning show. Jim has done FOUR episodes of "SVU"--"ROCKABYE" and "STORM" he is seen in the precinct as a clerical worker; and the most recent episode "GONE" (airdate Feb.28, 2006)unfortunately edited out his "Dad in the elevator"(along with many other fellow actors cameos--that's show biz!)****** JIM PLAYS PIANO AT DESTINO RESTAURANT IN NYC!! Jim had played at DESTINO, 891 First Avenue(at 50th St., NYC)(http://www.destinony.com/) from April 5th, 2006 through January 2007; after a 10 month hiatus he returned playing various dates there weekly from November 2007 to February 2008. DESTINO has an upright piano in the bar area with a PA system for vocals. Due to recent economy woes affecting the restaurant, Jim will return to Destino hopefully in mid-to-late 2008.... ....Stopping in on nights Jim had been playing there had been former co-owner of Destino Justin Timberlake with Cameron Diaz; Madonna and Leonardo DiCaprio, Woody Allen, Stephen Schirripa (Bobby Bacala on "THE SOPRANOS"), and former Yankee 2nd baseman Chuck Knoblauch. Film director Sydney Pollack had been in twice("The Interpreter", "The Way We Were", "Tootsie" and Oscar winning-"Out Of Africa"), on Sydney's most recent stop(August 17th, 2006)Jim played the themes of his first two films mentioned above...also celebrity chef Rocco Despirito of the former reality TV show "The Restaurant" stopped in and almost got up the nerve to sing with Jim.. ********************************************************** JIM MEETS AND PLAYS FOR MR. TONY BENNETT!! On January 17th and 18th, 2006, legendary singer Tony Bennett, whom Frank Sinatra once stated was "the best pop singer in the world" stopped in to his neighborhood restaurant Nino's Tuscany where Jim was filling in for Irving Fields for 10 days(and played a regular Monday night there)..read all about it by clicking the "JOURNAL" tab above. ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! JIM SINGS A DUET WITH SINGER/SONGWRITER LISA LOEB!!! On Tues. nite, Oct.18th, 2005(the same nite Jim was on Law & Order:SVU), Jim went to see Lisa Loeb (www.lisaloeb.com)perform for a Katrina benefit at the Sterling Hotel in Allentown (opening acts were Lindsay Rush, friends Mike Rauscher & Sarah Ayers, and Alex Seier). Lisa called Jim to the stage when she overheard him singing a high harmony on her closing song of the nite, "I DO", and he performed it with her. Go to the "Photo Gallery" here to see several photos of Jim and Lisa performing together, all taken by PAUL WILLISTEIN--who also wrote an article in the EAST PENN PRESS about Lisa and Jim--click on the "JOURNAL" tab above to read all about it. ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Go to the "ORIGINAL CDs" section which has descriptions of and links to Jim's CDs "The Fame Game", "Rockuperation", and CD Single "A Little '60's Tune" which can all be listened to at those sites and purchased. In addition, click onto the "MP3 Samples" section here which has downloadable versions of Jim's songs with lyrics and notes on how the songs were written. ALSO, Jim's original musical GHOSTS ON BROADWAY is now available on DVD--it is the May 4, 1]]>