Jim plays for soap stars at his Nino's Tuscany gig!

When I showed up Monday August 22nd at Nino's Tuscany on W. 58th St. in Manhattan to begin my usual Monday nite piano gig--I was told it would be a slow nite with only 12 reservations on the books...but later Christina the hostess feigned a fainting spell and told me "I just seated this really cute guy on 'All My Children!" I originally noticed Kin Shriner of "As the World Turns"--most noted for his memorable run as 'Scotty Baldwin' on "General Hospital" in the awesome "Luke & Laura" days of the '80's(when I used to watch him!) As I started my gig and played several tunes including a Beach Boy's medley--I then noticed Jacob Young seated across from Kin--he is a young star on "All My Children" playing Adam Chandler Jr. They were both with their blonde dates--and after my first break Christina begged me to approach them(for her...lol) I introduced myself to Kin and Jacob and their dates and thanked them for being at Nino's--and that I enjoyed their acting work over the years(I was also familiar with Jacob's shows). Jacob said "Hey--we enjoy YOUR work" and thanked me for the Beach Boys medley(It wasn't until I read of it that I learned he ironically was in a film about the life of the Beach Boys). I asked then if they had any song requests, and Kin offered "I'm a bit partial to 'Greensleeves'. Jacob said he really likes Billy Joel's "Allentown"(I really love the way that song starts with all the sound effects"...I told him that Allentown is my stomping grounds--and where I got my start in piano bars). Kin added that his Billy Joel fave is "Vienna"--and then somehow the song "Brandy" came up (which is one of my faves). Jacob mentioned that he is working on a new CD himself(and is an accomplished singer/musician with previous CD releases). I asked him to sing "Brandy" but he declined--so I set off to the piano and played their requests--Jacob waved appreciatively. When they left they shook my hand and treated my tip jar--Kin affirmed that they would be back--he said "I'm always here." It was a very cool experience as I've truly enjoyed watching both actors over the years--to learn more about Jacob Young check out http://abc.go.com/daytime/allmychildren/bios/69891_1.html and http://maribarb.homestead.com/files/jacobyoung.html and Kin Shriner sites are http://soapoperadigest.com/features/atwt/interviews/shrinerscottfree/ and http://www.cbs.com/daytime/atwt/about/bios/kshriner.shtml .