On Wed., December 21, 2005, Jim taped his 4th stint on "LAW & ORDER: SVU" which will air February 28th, 2006. The episode called "GONE" has Jim playing a father--he and his wife, who holds a crying baby, enter an elevator that is under surveillance and the image is caught on a video observed by the SVU team; on 2 other episodes Jim is in the background as a clerical worker in precinct scenes in the episodes "ROCKABYE" and "STORM"(both Nov.2005)...and if you scroll down here at the "JOURNAL" you can read about his day on the set doing the episode "STRAIN" as a featured jury member. Call time was 9:00 AM in North Bergen NJ at the SVU studios--this was DAY TWO of the infamous NYC transit strike, and so Jim turned down a previous offer to play an FBI agent for a day on the NBC-TV pilot "KIDNAPPED" starring Dana Delany and Jeremy Sisto (which will air in January 2006) due to it being shot in downtown Manhattan on this same day--and travel to this destination may have been compromised due to this strike. So the later phone call to once again do "SVU" seemed fortuitous as it involved shooting at the Jersey location. In the scene we shot around 10:30AM--I enter an elevator with "my wife" and our baby boy which she is holding--the child is crying and I am irritated--I push "floor 6" on the elevator and the door closes on us--supposedly this is caught on a surveillance camera the SVU folks are monitoring. (You may see my name in the final fade of credits as "the Dad"(lol))...later that day I and other actors were transported ironically to Manhattan to shoot a club scene at " 'disiac" at 402 W. 54th St. (www.disiacnyc.net ) I may be seen at the bar(wearing black leather jacket) with two others as 4 young kids exit(3 males and a pretty blonde--all playing underage)who figure highly in the plot of this show; also you may see me standing at perhaps the same dance club in the background while the young girl dances with one of the guys she's with. We wrapped around 7:30PM but until I was transported back to my vehicle in North Bergen I was clocked out at 9PM--another great day and the last SVU to shoot before the Christmas break--look for it on Feb.28, 2006 at 10:00 PM E.S.T on NBC-TV.