1. Central Park

From the recording Central Park

I've had the music for this song as far back as the sessions for "THE FAME GAME" in 2000--and really before that--the tune was probably conceived in the mid to late 90's--I always had a concept of "Walking in the park...in the middle of December" running through my head--but it took until 2003 to distill those thoughts and become more specific about WHAT park--once "Central Park" was the core the other relevant stories of 9-11 and Lennon's death fit perfectly...also, the Lennon reference fits snugly into the dreamscape of the music as it is eerily reminiscent of his "#9 Dream" where Yoko whispers his name during some of the verse lyrics ("someone called out my name [John]..as it started to rain [John]..two spirits dancin' so strange...)..so my allusion to that song was a concerted effort...ironically I did not realize that last year was the 150th anniversary of Central Park and so the song is timely as well--I have included the ENTIRE song on the download on my site here--enjoy!


Central Park, after dark city goes to sleep
Restless heart night so stark
Love can grow so deep
Love comes unexpectedly to your heart
Love comes unexpectedly to your heart

1)Walking Central Park in the middle of September
Memories so dark 9-11 you still remember
Still there seems, seems to be a peaceful Autumn scene—
The leaves no longer green
Central park is a refuge, it’s an oasis waiting for you—
Like an ark in the deluge
It is a haven waiting to take you away—even
today (chorus)

2)Walking Central Park in the middle of December
Memories so dark December 8th you still remember
Thought I heard(John) like a dream John’s voice
Called out to me—
“love is all you need”
Imagine if he were here now,
Some say he never left the city—
He’s walking in the park now
Helping us find the peace we need
So desperately—we hold the key (chorus)