From the recording Woman Of My Heart

On my original CD "THE FAME GAME" many if not all of the songs were not about a specific person but a hybrid of influences came into play--on my 2nd CD(though it is in 'demo' form)--just the opposite holds true, and this song was a direct attempt at addressing something in a relationship I was going through--it is truly one of my best songs ever written and I'm very proud how it turned out(she also thought the melody was beautiful--and even thought they could live apart from the lyrics) a lyricist--I agree to disagree--lol.


1)Woman of my heart,
Only wanted you to see my soft side
‘Stead you saw a glimpse into my dark side
But that’s not me that you see—
He’s the child who won’t let me be,
He pouts and frets and stomps his feet,
When he is denied his treat,
His ev’ry whim you have to meet,
But I won’t let him get his way

2)Woman of my heart,
I can make you laugh and keep you smiling,
What you saw in me that was reviling,
He won’t be back,
Gave him the sack,
I sent that bully home to pack,
He knows better than to mess
With something as good as this,
You can give that guy
A kiss goodbye--goodbye, oh—

Woman of my heart,
Do not fear please stay by me
Woman of my heart,
Road is clear please pray by me,
Woman of my heart,
Lay your head upon my chest
Woman of my heart,
Lay your doubts away to rest

3)Woman of my heart,
First impressions sometimes are
And some of mine that you have been receiving
Do not appear to be quite clear—
Said they filled you with a fear,
But that wasn’t my intent, That bad spirit came and went,
He just wanted time
To vent his pride denied, oh—(back to chorus)