From the recording All Inside Of You

Just a gritty sexy rocker I came up with that when I first envisioned it, was going to be a heavy power chord
kind of song...but the brilliant Scott Bradoka gave it a kind of urban, funky feel in the guitar sound,
and the vocal harmony on the chorus actually reminds me of "The Cars" band with it's
heavy three part harmony on their hook-filled catchy tunes...a toe tapper and some ladies I've
known over the years said with a laugh that they couldn't get the purposely repetitive
chorus out of their head...songwriter mission accomplished!



You, when you walk away it's true
It's the way your body moves
But you know it only proves
You can keep me in this groove
And I don't know what to do
How to get you back into
My exclusive point of view
Don't you know it's true that--

You've got the love I need
You've got the love I want
You've got it all..
All Inside of You
Got it all inside of you
Got it all inside of you
Got it all inside of you
(Got it all inside)

You, you're a vision to behold
And I'm sure you're often told
But my word is good as gold
And I'm hoping you'll be sold
On the words I'm saying now
And I'll seal it with a vow
Someday someway somehow
You will come to know that--
(repeat CHORUS)

(guitar lead, chorus,first verse,chorus)